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Web Development :  E- marries

Blackberry Mobile App : Indian Rummy in Blackberry App. Worldwide


Project Description : Connected News is an iPhone application that gives you with the most updated news from Customized server.

Project#2 : PICTAGE Project Description: One of the largest providers of online photo sharing and professional photography services, Pictage has hundreds of thousands of events online including weddings, engagement and portrait sessions, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate events, and more

Project#3 : FASTPENCIL

Project # 4 Care Connector Description : Care connector is a social network site. And is use full for long disease points. It is with three modules. Primary caregiver, secondary caregivers and patients are the modules primary caregiver creates a network for a single patient and add secondary caregivers. For a particular patient(s). Technical Environment: Cocoa Touch,Objective C,iPhone SDK 3.1.2 and Sdk 3.2 for iPad

Project # 5 PMT Description: This is native application of iphone. PMT project helps to identify Pneumonia in a person and prescribe appropriate drug for it. User can enter his/her symptoms in this software and according to those symptoms PMT automatically prescribe drugs and tests. Technical Environment: Cocoa Touch, Objective C, iPhone SDK 3.1.2.

Project # 6 Visine RER Description:
Visine RER is a iPhone application to remove the red eye from and image

Project # 7 JobCoach Client : Buoyant Life. Description : JobCoach is the application to move job search forward with 2-Minute To-Do’s: manageable tasks for every step of the process. Environment: Cocoa Touch, Objective C, iPhone SDK 3.0.

Project # 8 Fintrack Client : PrithviSolutions Description: A conceptual framework to estimate market risks in real time. It helps a fund manger analyze the performance of each stock or financial instrument in depth and make pre investment decisions easily. It is a comprehensive set of well defined statistical and mathematical model- based, real time business problems and proprietary models that cater to the needs of the fund manger to face real time scenarios in the business on daily basis. Environment: Cocoa Touch, Objective C, iPhone SDK 3.0.

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