Our Unique Consultative Approach

Ensure that your business goals are delivered with maximum return on investment…

Application Development 
Our application development services offer consulting and delivery expertise in end-to-end systems integration and custom application development.

Web Development
We provide complete solutions for web services, starting from graphics works like logos, banners etc… to latest flash works like intros and ads to back-end functionalities like eCommerce solutions, database integrations etc.

IT Consulting
Our consultants will work with you on your problem, understand your business, and come up with a solution that simplifies your business process, adding value to the crux or essence of your business.

Technical Architecture
Technical architecture is one of several architecture domains that form the pillars of an enterprise architecture or solution architecture. It describes the structure and behaviour of the technology infrastructure of an enterprise, solution or system.

Game Programming
The ability and desire to develop complicated in-depth games demands a division of labour.

Software as a Service
Software as a Service (SAAS) is a model of software deployment where an application is licensed for use as a service provided to customers on demand.  Ecrux provides on demand licensing and use and therefore alleviates the burden to our clients of equipping a device with every application.  We also reduce traditional End User Licensing Agreements (EULA), software maintenance, ongoing operation patches, and patch support complexity in an organization.



Cloud/Elastic Computing Development
Cloud computing is internet (cloud) based development and use of computer technology, whereby dynamically scalable and often virtualised resources are provided as a service over the internet.  Ecrux leverages cloud computing wherever possible for our clients and we stay ahead of other companies by offering latest technological solutions.

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